The other day workmen appeared in a street near me and started to lay a slab of concrete.

A few days later they attached some pieces of metal to the concrete.

Now I was not sure to whether this was a piece of art that was to go into the many art galleries that are appear to be popping up in the city at a later date.

It of course could be just something erected to brighten up the graffitied telephone box nearby.

Sadly no, it appears to be a cycle rack, for what purpose I very much doubt the residents in the area are interested in the least and would have felt the cost of this could of been spent more wisely elsewhere.

I expect the residents of our city would be interested in exactly how many of these racks are being erected in the city area.

At a time when resources are tight and there is no money to spare to repair the broken roads and pavements and nothing for the carers of special needs, it really makes you wonder what makes this council tick.

A Semple