PLANS have been submitted to reconstruct a historic wall in Winchester City Centre in a bid to ensure its long-term stability.

If approved, the proposal would see part of the wall along North Walls, near Marston Gate, demolished and reconstructed using the same material.

A planning statement, submitted by Axford Heritage Planning with the planning application, said: "The work proposed is aimed completely at conserving the special interest of the heritage asset through timely maintenance and repair.

"It is only the small section of demolition which requires planning permission and since this demolition is proposed on the grounds that there is a high risk that the wall will topple over at this point, it seems appropriate in principle to take forward the proposed repair. The work will be executed with the utmost care ensuring that demolition is carried out only by hand, and the stones are salvaged, cleaned and re-used in the reconstruction.

"The work will not cause any permanent loss and will retain the historic integrity and historic features."

Currently the wall is leaning over the narrow path that runs along North Walls, raising the possibility that part of the road – a major route for city centre traffic – may need to be closed for the work to take place.

A spokesman for Axford Heritage Planning said: "The detailed logistics will be worked out by the contractor in liaison with the highways authority at the time, but currently there are no plans to close any roads."

Hampshire County Council, which is responsible for the county's road, has been contacted for comment but is yet to respond.

A decision on the plan is due by June 26.