PLANS have been submitted to expand the in-store café at Waitrose in Lymington.

The proposals for the supermarket site have been submitted to New Forest District Council.

If approved, the café will be fitted out with a new kitchen and toilets.

A statement submitted in support of the application said: "The existing café will be extended out between the existing brick columns below the existing canopy in the north western corner of the existing café area.

"This will increase the area for the café by 39m². The café will be refurbished with a new kitchen and servery area internally and along with this the existing customer WC’s will be extended and refurbished.

"New telescopic sliding doors will also be installed at the main customer entrance to make this simpler to use yet keep the entrance as wide as possible and create a new draft lobby to the store."

The extension would result in a net loss of five car parking spaces, but the existing number of parent and child and disabled access spaces will be maintained within the new layout.