A Southampton couple say they have "lost everything" after a blaze in their flat cause a major emergency at a city tower block.

Emergency services raced to Canberra Towers after a tumble drier in the flat where Storm and Nathan Burnett lived caught fire.

Now they have told how they cannot return home and are struggling to cope in one bedroom in a bed and breakfast.

This comes after residents shared their anger when the lifts were left out of service the 24-storey block for four days after the fire.

The couple, who are both severely disabled and have been married for five years.

Storm, 50, who is not working due to her disability, said: "My husband went to put my grandson's clothes in the tumble dryer, and then a man from upstairs said he could see smoke, so we thought there was a fire in the block.

"There was smoke coming through our window so we thought it was our neighbour's flat - but when we came back in, smoke was in our flat and the tumble dryer caught fire and blew up in my husband's face."

She added: "We have no home to go back to and we are really struggling - we have lack of money and have had to buy food and clothes

"I have had multiple panic attacks here as this is worse than prison to me, I feel enclosed and after going through the trauma of the fire, I've felt like ending my life."

Her husband, Nathan, 33, who is also not working due to his disability, added: "I tried to put the fire out but I couldn't - I chucked water over it and turned it off at the wall but it was too late."

They also have two snakes left in their flat, which they are feeding fresh water when occasionally returning, but Storm is in fear that the animals could die.Their cat has also been rehomed since the fire.

She added: "This is heartbreaking and we have lost everything. All we've got is each other, we have lost our three beautiful antiques and our brand new bed."