A HAMPSHIRE school was placed on lockdown when an intruder entered its grounds.

Police were called to Wyvern College at 9.20am on Wednesday following reports of an unknown man on the school site.

The Wyvern headteacher, Ben Rule has reported that the intruder was on the secondary school's field and was kept away from school buildings by five members of staff.

He added that during the incident the man was given assistance by the school's medical staff after he collapsed on the ground twice.

By the time police officers arrived on the scene the 18-year-old man had left the school grounds.

He was later treated by an ambulance crew.

Mr Rule said:“Today Wyvern college was placed into a lock down for 20 minutes as a precaution for safeguarding students from an intruder.

"An intruder came onto the playing fields and would not leave.

"This meant that students were kept in their first period classrooms beyond first period; teachers were instructed not to release them for the next lesson, as we didn't want any students walking around the site with an intruder present.

"The intruder is not a student, an ex-student or a direct relation to any of Wyvern’s students. He was not armed and was not threatening to any member of staff or any student.

"However, he was exhibiting unpredictable behaviour and using obscene language; the decision to lock down the college was made because we did not want students near him, given his unpredictability

"The police and an ambulance were called immediately. When the police came he was off site and he was arrested.

"Because of our shared site we informed the Infant and Junior school of the situation."

According to Wyvern College, the lock-down situation remained in place until police arrived and arrested the individual and advised it to lift the lock down.

Mr Rule added: "Our students’ safety is our top priority.

"We have high levels of staff supervision of the site at all times and we will continue to be vigilant. We are working with Hampshire County Council on making the site more secure and the police will clearly be investigating this incident further.”

Wyvern College has more than 1,300 pupils aged 11 to 16-years-old.

A spokesperson for Hampshire police, said: "We were called to Wyvern College at 9.20am today following reports of an unknown man on the school site.

"Officers attended and located the 18-year-old man who had left the school grounds."

Enquiries are ongoing.