Dozens of people of all ages turned out tonight and cycled naked around the city.

The event was held in a bid to highlight the hazards cyclists face as well as the truth of the environmental crisis.

The ride began at Southampton Common, with participants painting slogans such as ‘nude not rude’ on their body.

Organisers encouraged participants to come ‘bare as you dare’ and they said “the event’s aim is to celebrate the bicycle and the power and individuality of the human form.”

Southampton is one of fifty cities across the world who took part in the World Naked bike ride.

Organisers say nudity is not illegal in the UK, however using it to cause harassment, alarm or distress is against the law.

Lizzie Walsh, 24, a student from Southampton who took part in the event said it was “a really cool add on to the extinction rebellion.”

John Reagan, 53, a chef from Portswood who also took part added:” Cycling is a safe way to travel.

“We are doing this to make people aware.

“There are loads of us on the roads.

“Why can’t they see us when we have clothes on but they can see us when we are naked.