DOZENS of volunteers descended on a secret film set over the weekend as a zombie horde took over Botley.

The group braved the drizzly weather on Saturday to help director Russell Tribe shoot his amateur zombie apocalypse film, Day 66.

Russell oversaw nearly 50 zombies and 19 make-up and crew members on the set, some of whom had travelled from as far away as Bournemouth and Fleet to get involved.

Russell said: “The weather is unfortunate but you can’t plan around the weather. The weather is going to put people off.

“Forty-nine zombies is way more than I ever thought we’d be able to achieve – they all seem fairly game.

“I wrote the script in 2017 and started filming in April 2018. We are filming the biggest scene which is very ambitious. It’s great to give students opportunities.”

“We have an awful lot more to film but we have made a good start.”

As previously reported, the film is being backed by amateur movie club Beacon Productions, with first-time filmmaker Russell both directing and acting.

The emergency services worker, from Fareham, will play lead character Jack, a widower who runs into the wilderness following the death of his family in a zombie apocalypse.

Filming began in the New Forest last year and Russell says much of it is already completed.

Russell hopes the film will be ready in time for early 2020.

Speaking during the shoot, Natalie Varney, a 34-year-old marketing executive and one of the zombies, said: “I found out via Facebook. I think it’s great to support film directors to make their art and I also love zombies.”

Meanwhile crew member Molly Savery, 21, said: “I have been on it since the beginning – I’m doing the detailed injuries including big wounds. It’s great experience.”

Rihanna Kingdon, a 21-year-old student, added: “It’s a great way to network. I got involved after my grandma read about it in the Echo. I have really been enjoying it so far.”