A SOUTHAMPTON man has been left "confused and shocked" after visitors in the night surrounded his house with seasonal vegetables.

When Charlie Smith of Cleethorpes Road opened his curtains on Saturday morning the first thing he saw was a masked-swede placed in the middle of his car bonnet.

The 26-year-old then went outside to find four more swedes placed around his property, including one on his garden wall and another on his dustbin.

According to Charlie, he has no idea who placed the swedes, why they put them there or who the mask portrays.

Each swede was decorated with a picture of a man wearing glasses.

The construction estimator said: "It is a completely random thing to happen and it seems to be an isolated incident.

"We threw the swedes out but spent some time looking around for any more we might have missed. It was like an Easter egg hunt."

According to Charlie, who lives with his girlfriend, they are not bothered by the swedes

He added: Whoever put them there has a lot of time on their hands. I don't know what I would say to them but I would ask them to get help.

"It's a strange and bizarre thing to happen. I was in shock."

Charlie now plans to ask his neighbours to find out if they know anything about the mystery of the vegetables.

He added that although he has CCTV equipment at home he is yet to install it, but if the swedes return he definitely will.