A TEACHER who had a horror driving experience when her wheel came flying off mid-journey may have been targeted by vandals.

Mother-of-two Amelia Jones had to bring her car to an emergency stop after seeing her wheel come off her Honda CVR and go “flying into the air”.

Much to her relief, the 38-year-old managed to bring the car under control safely.

But police say the incident may have happened because three of the bolts had been removed from the wheel.

And Mrs Jones believes others may have been targeted.

It comes after her her own shocking experience, which took place place on Barnes Lanes, Sarisbury Green.

Ms Jones said the vehicle started to wobble on a hill in the road, while she was driving by herself.

Mrs Jones had previously dropped her family off at work and her two children Ellis, four, and Harris, one, to nursery.

She began hearing a rattling noise, which she and her husband Graeme had heard a week earlier.

Mrs Jones said: “I was sort of expecting something to happen because of the noise so my initial reaction when I saw the wheel fly off was to get the car off the road and not to hit anything.

“It still hasn’t hit me, but the relief was that thank god it was just me in the car and that my two sons weren’t in the back.

She added: “I honestly don’t know what I would have done – instead of going to get the wheel I would have had to keep them contained.”

Mrs Jones, who works at Sarisbury C of E Junior School, managed to pull the car over, when two passers-by checked whether she was okay.

She said: “I went into sorting mode as I am a teacher and used to things going wrong, but maybe not things going as wrong as this. The two boys who checked on me were more shocked than me as they had seen it happen.”

After calling breakdown cover, she was towed home.

Mr Jones said: “We didn’t think anything of it until our garage said someone else had called to say their wheel nuts had been taken.

“Whether they were trying to steal the wheel or not, we don’t know.”

Joe Stevens, 22, from Fair Oak, also found that wheel nuts had gone missing from his car.

He said: “I had driven to Portsmouth for work and on my way home one day last week the entire van was shaking so I pulled over as soon as I could and found that only two bolts were left in my front passenger’s side wheel, which were also loose and the front drivers side were all loose too. I knew it wasn’t something that had happened through fault of my own.”

Anyone with information can call police on 101.