A FIRE has caused an estimated £55,000 worth of damage after a trailer was destroyed in Southampton.

Police were called the blaze, which happened at 3.39am in Warburton Road, Thornhill, and was at the 19th Itchen North Scout Group.

One crew from St Mary’s fire station and one from Hightown battled the blaze for more than an hour, which also damaged the scout hut and one shipping container, on Monday.

Lee Boyd, a 40-year-old scout leader, said: “It is devastating and heartbreaking for the children as we could be closed for a month.

“The damage is estimated to be worth between £45,000 and £55,000.”

“We are volunteers here and we do it for the children.

“If the gas cylinders caught fire next to the trailer then we would have lost everything. We have just had the windows and doors for the hut replaced as well.”

He added: “The trailer has been broken into before last year. They broke the lock and and the handle, which cost us £500 to get it repaired.

“As we are not paid, we have to go round into the community shops to see if they can donate things to us.”

Sam Tudjaroglu, acting group scout leader, said: “I am gutted because it is the only youth establishment on the estate and it is seen by the community as somewhere people can come. This could affect up to 110 children who won’t be able to attend the club


“I got a message that the trailer was on fire at about 4.45am from one of the residents and I was told there were teenagers buying alcohol and causing a nuisance at Tesco Express at half two in the morning in Thornhill Park Road.”

He added: “At the back of the hall we have a chain link fence that has been cut at least three times and I think these people have come through the back and set it on fire.

“We have got the insurers coming on Wednesday and we will be doing some repair work soon.

“If anyone has seen anything we would like them to contact us.”

Natalie Mould, a resident in Thornhill, said: “I heard a bang which woke me up and I saw the fire engines around.

“Then I saw a person standing nearby at three in the morning with a hood on, which seemed strange.

“My daughter goes to the scouts and I felt upset because the volunteers do so much for the children, so it is sad someone would set their trailer on fire.”

Marie Doyd, Lee’s wife, said: “We have to fundraise to get everything for the club and all of our equipment is kept here.

“It is a big shame because we have done all of this fundraising to teach the children life skills.”

She added: “We have just had a big fundraiser to take the children to Norway and now we have to deal with this.”

The blaze was extinguished at 4.44am and police were unable to confirm whether it was being viewed as suspicious.

Anyone with information about the fire can contact police on 101, quoting