THE small Test Valley village school has a tight-knit family feel.

It has stood for 142 years, making strong ties with the church and communities, which hold the core of the school’s success.

Previously based further up Danes Road, the building boasts historic doors and used to have separate entrances for boys and girls back in the day.

Now, 160 pupils fill the classrooms, with five classes taking place every week day.

Awbridge Primary School, which has just had a new astro turf built, treat their pupils like family, with the aim to make every individual youngster feel inclusive in their education.

Sport plays an important role at the school so children regularly participate in outside games, which recently led to placing second in the Hampshire Games against 19 teams.

The school hallways display a large art mural, while the playground area shows off its most impressive equipment, including two climbing frames, water games, a child-friendly darts game and various other facilities.

Acting Head of School Emily Shepherd emphasises the importance of pupils expressing themselves through art.

She said: “Art is a big thing for us and pupils had their art work on display at Hiller Gardens recently.

“We are very fortunate to be expanding to six classes next year, so our small school is growing and we still have children’s grandparents and parents - who used to come here - checking on how the school is going.”