IKEA is now offering online customers the chance to design their own sofas - and the outcomes have been hilarious.

People hoping to buy a new couch from the Swedish furniture store, which has a branch in West Quay Road, Southampton, have been given the chance to create the perfect seating area for their living rooms.

But users have taken it upon themselves to use the online tool to create the weirdest and most extravagant designs possible.

So far designs have included love hearts, robots and labyrinths and have been created by customers both in the UK and further afield.

Many users have shared their creations online, following the start of a thread started by Twitter user (@rudermensch).

They posted the design with the caption: "Thank you IKEA for this extremely powerful $15,000 couch."

One user, @thejenneral, posted alongside her creation and said: "I call this the 'married but don't like each other.'"

Another, @josiahpsmith, posted: "I was given too much power" when he compared his design to that of a baker's edge brownie tray.

Most creations were set to cost thousands of pounds. Whilst the cheapest footstool starts at £135 the price limit is almost endless.

Nearly 300 Twitter users got involved in the sofa discussion since it was originally posted on June 21.