Great news that we customers of Southern Water are to be given unexpected gifts of money over the next five years as a punishment on them for their dirty deeds.

Not a refund nor a reward for being good ,if choiceless, customers( ever since privatisation).

What an apt demonstration it would be if we could celebrate our gratitude for such surprising good luck if we could donate at least our first instalment to some of the international water charities so that other poor souls who lack our facilities could benefit.

Perhaps Ofwat might like to use some of the millions coming to it and get together with said charities to organise and advertise a scheme that would enable the public to opt out of taking one or more of their instalments with a guarantee that their gift will reach the right places.

In these days of www etc and full page announcements it should be easy enough.

Let`s all take the plunge!

Yours sincerely