THE trial of a man accused of murdering Southampton schoolgirl Lucy McHugh is set to continue today.

Jury members in the trial of Stephen Nicholson, 25, of no fixed address, are set to hear evidence from Home Office pathologist Dr Basil Purdue.

It comes after Lucy's grandparents told jury members on Thursday about their relationship with the teenager's alleged killer.

Lucy's grandmother, Dawn White, who worked with Nicholson, told the court he could become angry "at the flip of a coin".

She also told the court she had once seen Nicholson shouting at Lucy during an argument and demanded he leave.

Lucy's grandfather Darren White, who told the jury he had only met Nicholson three times, said he also stepped in during the argument, in which he claimed he saw Nicholson swearing at the 13-year-old.

On Thursday, jury members also heard from a police intelligence analyst who told the court about the movement of Nicholson's phone on July 25 last year – the day of Lucy's disappearance.

Nicholson is accused of murdering Southampton schoolgirl Lucy McHugh, whose body was found in a wooded area of Southampton Sports Centre on July 26.

He denies murder.

He also denies two allegations of sexual activity with a child against Lucy on multiple occasions and denies sexual activity with a child in relation to another girl aged 14.

William Mousley QC, prosecuting, previously told the court Nicholson is accused of killing Lucy after she told him she was pregnant.

He said the defendant, who had been living in Lucy mother's home as a lodger, had been "exploiting" the "vulnerable" teenager during a secret year-long sexual relationship.

Mr Mousley previously told the court Lucy had died of stab wounds – including a fatal injury to her neck.

The trial is set to resume at 10.30am today.