GOVERNMENT sports minister and MP for Eastleigh has been slammed by critics for failing to give a simple "yes" or "no" answer during a recent interview

Mims Davies was asked 15 times by journalist and interviewer Emma Barnett whether she backs the sugar tax during a BBC Radio 5 Live appearance yesterday.

The Johnson-backer failed to give a clear response throughout the five-minute interview and instead claims she "supports people making healthy choices" and "if the sugar tax changes it changes".

The criticism comes after Boris Johnson suggested a review of the of "unhealthy food taxes"

Mr Johnson has said he wants to examine whether levies on foods high in salt, fat and sugar are effective, and has vowed not to introduce any new ones until the review is complete.

The tax on drinks came into force in April 2018, and a wider levy on all unhealthy foods is being considered to help tackle obesity.

Mr Johnson claims he is concerned they unfairly target the less well-off, but campaigners and an ex-Tory health minister have criticised his idea.

It comes as Cancer Research UK says millions are at risk of cancer due to their weight, and obesity now causes more cases of four common types than smoking.

Leader of Eastleigh Borough Council and cabinet member for planning and property, Keith House said: "What's the point of a sports minister who won't even answer basic questions to promote health?

"Mims Davies flip-flopped just as she has on the Conservative leadership."

In response to the interview, Mims said:

“We have seen some important successes since the publication of the 2016 childhood obesity plan, including over half of all drinks in the scope of the soft drinks industry levy being reformulated - the equivalent of removing 45 million kg of sugar every year.

“This government’s policies on obesity and public health have always been guided by evidence and will continue to be in the future.

A comment by Twitter user Peter O'Neill said: "Why do we continually see politicians who do not answer a straight question. This so-called sports minister looked pathetic in avoiding the answer to a simple question. Very poor."