MARCHWOOD Church of England Infant School is celebrating the outcome of a visit by independent inspectors.

The school has been rated “excellent” in a glowing Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) report following an inspection carried out last month.

The report says: “A culture of deep-rooted care, innovation and aspiration for pupils and staff pervades the school. Everyone is encouraged and supported to thrive and to grow in emotional resilience.

“Opportunities to deepen understanding of the Christian vision and values, and for spiritual development, are skilfully woven across the curriculum and all aspects of school life.

“Diversity is celebrated and well-being for all is at the core of the school’s work.

Daily Echo:

“All members of the school community and invited to participate in collective worship which is characterised by high levels of pupil and adult engagement, both planned and spontaneous.

“All members of the school family confidently root the school’s Christian vision and values from the Bible.

“The curriculum and range of learning activities in religious education represent exemplary practice. Pupils are enabled to think deeply and have high respect for religion.

“The school enables ‘learning for life’ beyond Marchwood.

“Under the innovative leadership of the headteacher and deputy headteacher, the school has been invited to share its practice with colleagues and partners.”

Head teacher Stuart Calvert writes: "The school is very happy and proud to share the “excellent” outcome of the school’s SIAMS Inspection.

"SIAMS is the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools, which is an additional inspection to the Ofsted Inspection that all schools have and is specifically designed to test out those aspects of learning and experience that are unique to Church school settings.

This inspection looks in great detail at the school’s vision and leadership, wisdom, knowledge and skills development, character development – hope, aspiration and courageous advocacy, our school community and how the school encourages ‘Living Well Together’, dignity & respect, the impact of collective worship and finally the effectiveness of Religious Education.

Daily Echo:

The "excellent” judgement is the highest award that can be given and is applied to all seven areas. It would not be possible to achieve this without the dedication, ambition and hard work of the whole school staff team.

"Our Church school focuses on the development of three key Christian values of love, trust and truth, which are themselves generic to all world faiths and form a foundation to be a good person living in today’s complex world.

"Taken together, these values alongside British values of democracy, tolerance, individual liberty and rule of law, help underpin and drive forward a focused vision of school improvement within a deeply Christian context.

"Our SIAMS Inspection report has highlighted how, through our innovative and aspirational practices, everyone who attends our school experiences “Learning for Life” and is free to explore how to live well together."