AMONG the latest applications received by New Forest District Council and the New Forest National Park Authority:


19/00420 - Replacement conservatory - 9 Cecil Avenue.


19/00483 - Single-storey rear extension; roof alterations; ramp - Silvan House, Hatchet Lane.


19/00498 - Replacement outbuilding - Deeracres, Lisle Court Road, Lymington.

19/00501 - Application for Certificate of Lawful Development for continued use of The Lodge as single dwellinghouse - The Lodge Annexe, Passford Farm Cottage, Southampton Road.


19/10791 - Single-storey rear extension - 28 Wiltshire Gardens.


19/00435 - One new dwelling; 1.2-metre high wire fencing; associated works and landscaping - Land off Armstrong Lane.

19/00436 - Two-storey extension; single-storey extension; first floor extension; new porch; alterations to fenestration; replacement 1.5m-high fence - Faith Cottage, 52 Brookley Road.

19/00465 - Front porch - Hunters Lodge, Sway Road.

19/00471 - Change of use of barn to mixed use classes B1, B2, B8 and A1 - Small barn off Hops House, Lymington Road.


19/00481 - Single-storey extension to existing garage to facilitate home office - Martins Farm, Shepherds Road, Bartley.


19/10788 - Single-storey side extension - Pound Cottage, High Street, North End.

19/10789 - Single-storey side extension; internal works to include reposition of doorway; form new opening from kitchen (Application for Listed Building Consent) - Pound Cottage, High Street, North End.


19/00502 - Single-storey extension; replacement pool enclosure - Honeypot House, Gatewood Hill, Blackfield.


19/00468 - Two outbuildings (demolition of two outbuildings) - Fir Tree Cottage, Main Road.


19/00410 - Retention of stable block - Langley Close, West Common, Langley.

19/00499 - Single-storey extension, Jolly Sailor pub, Ashlett Road, Ashlett Creek.


19/10785 - Single-storey rear extension (Lawful Development Certificate that permission is not required for the proposal) - 12 Brympton Close.


19/10510 - Display one externally illuminated fascia sign; one non-illuminated hanging sign (Application for Advertisement Consent) - 91-92 High Street, Lymington.

19/10604 - Continued use of caravan for residential purposes - Land at Didgemere Nursery, 127 Ramley Road, Pennington.

19/10784 - Side dormer (Lawful Development Certificate that permission is not required for the proposal) - 10 Western Road, Lymington.

19/10794 - Front balcony alterations - 2 Bath Road, Lymington.

19/10804 - Single-storey rear conservatory; garage - 1 Squirrels Cottage, Poles Lane, Lymington.

19/10806 - Festoon lighting - The Angel and Blue Pig, 108 High Street, Lymington.

19/10807 - Festoon lighting (Application for Listed Building Consent) - The Angel and Blue Pig, 108 High Street, Lymington.

19/10822 - New dwelling; sever land - Land of Holly Cottage, 9 Wainsford Road, Pennington.

19/00507 - Car port; brick wall panel - Delawarr House, All Saints Road.


19/00484 - Two-storey side extension (demolition of existing single-storey extension) - 1 Heather House, Southampton Road.


19/10843 - Change of use of beach for the relocation of existing beach hut on plot 286 to plot 6A, Beach Hut 6A, Hordle Cliff Beach Huts, Cliff Road.


19/00477 - Replacement dwelling; detached garage/carport; associated works and landscaping (demolition of existing dwelling and annexe) - Peters Hold, Newtown Road, Minstead.


19/00469 - Outbuilding (removal of existing storage container and embankment) - Grid Ref Su31124, land to the north of Bourne Lane, Woodlands.

19/00461 - Two-storey side extension; single-storey rear extension (demolition of existing single-storey extension - Homelands, Winsor Lane, Winsor.

Single-storey extension to existing garage to facilitate home office - Martins Farm, Shepherds Road, Bartley.

19/00508 - Replacement conservatory roof - Cherry Lea, 215 Woodlands Road, Woodlands.


19/10781 - Rear extension with roof lantern - 18 Beach Avenue, Barton on Sea.

19/10818 - Three-storey extension to provide seven additional bedrooms; dormer - Carlton House, 15 Barton Court Road.


19/10753 - Two-storey front extension; first floor side extension; single-storey rear extension - 11 Forestlake Avenue, Hightown.

19/00460 - Retention of two stable blocks, garden machinery store; tennis pavilion; gazebo; realignment and resurfacing of existing driveway - Forest Oaks, Linford Road, Shobley.

19/00479 - Pitched roof to existing flat roof extension - Bracken Way, Hangersley Hill, Hangersley.


19/10815 - Two dwellings; associated parking; alter access; demolish existing - Arcadia, 70 Water Lane.