WITH a sprinkling of fairy dust, plenty of magic and a fully air conditioned auditorium, this is a great way to while away another hot summer's day.

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom follows the stories from several episodes of the hit TV show, brought to the screen and stage by the makers of Peppa Pig.

Our five-year-old daughter Poppy and, surprisingly, even her 17-month old sister Alice, were delighted to see their favourite characters come alive in front of their eyes. Best friends Holly, the fairy princess, and elf Ben are straight on stage playing a game of hide and seek and the flashing windmill waving crowd of predominantly pre-schoolers whoop and cheer as other favourites like Nanny Plum, Gaston the Ladybird, King Thistle and the Wise Old Elf are introduced via various storylines.

Some of the magic could have been more cleverly done. I'm thinking Holly magically disappearing, Ben turning into a frog and one of Nanny Plum's classic jelly floods. But none of the young audience seemed to mind a bit that the trickery was fairly simple and I probably need to remember this is not one of the top West End shows I often review at Mayflower Theatre.

The highlight of the first act is the final scenes which see Big Lucy downsized by the Tooth Fairy and her and the gang fly through the starry night sky back to the Little Kingdom.

The second act is even better than the first with lots of familiar songs from the show as well as a charming rendition of I Am The Music Man from the initially tuneless Elf Band and the rest of the cast.

Our girls absolutely loved the finale medley including the Laughter Song they had learned and couldn't resist dancing in the aisles. I always find that's the biggest compliment you can give a show so it was definitely a magical trip to the Little Kingdom for them.

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom continues today at 10am and 1pm.

Tickets: 023 8071 1811 or mayflower.org.uk