Join us on another trip back through time – this week by four decades to July 1979.

Vera Lyn paid a visit to Broadlands Estate where she took to the piano to perform a track for a select few.

It was a popular month for upstanding members of the community to retire as these pictures show. Kathleen Kidwell relinquished her position as post lady in Romsey while headmistress Mrs Campleton retired from Sholing First School.

July 5

The Queen attended the millennium celebrations of Tynwald, Isle of Man's parliament. Tynwald claims to be the oldest continuous parliamentary body the world.

July 12

Kiribati became independent of the United Kingdom. The sovereign state, formally known as the Gilbert Islands, is located in Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean.

July 17

A record time was set for running a mile by athlete Sebastian Coe. He completed it in 3 minutes 48.95 seconds.

July 23

The government announced £4 billion of spending cuts. Then-Shadow Chancellor Sir Geoffrey Howe stated that "We cannot go on avoiding difficult choices".