PLANS to build a new multi-storey car park and retail block in Whiteley have attracted anger from residents.

So far, more than 70 objections have been received for proposal, which seeks to add a four-storey car park, providing nearly 300 more spaces, on an existing single-storey site to the south of the shopping village, opposite the M&S store.

The new two-storey retail block would then be built to the east, next to the Harvester restaurant and Tesco store.

According to a design and access statement submitted on behalf of the applicants, the Whiteley Co-ownership, the new retail block would add new “retail space, with smaller units at ground floor with height provision for future tenant mezzanines and a possible gym across the whole of the upper floor (subject to tenant demand)."

It added: “The current level of parking provision has not been sufficient to serve the needs of the visitors to the site during times of peak demand.

“These parking exceedances can result in excessive hunting within car parks and overspill parking within the Solent Business Park and neighbouring streets. The multi-storey car park is proposed to mitigate the existing parking issues on site as well as provide for the forecasted impact from the additional... proposals comprising the additional retail floorspace.

“Analysis undertaken... shows that the increased parking availability will significantly decrease the number of occasions on which the capacity of the car park is exceeded.”

However, dozens of residents have been less than convinced by the plans, with many citing traffic problems in Whiteley in their objections.

Olisha Bomford, of Angelica Way, said in a letter to planners: “We already have problems in Angelica Way which were added to by local staff parking in the street. The parking in Marjoram [Way] obstructs the view of people trying to exit Angelica Way.

“This multi-storey will not solve these problems and in addition will take away some of the parking spaces already there. The new units are not in a good area for footfall and will probably suffer the same fate and struggles of the units in market square.

"Independent stores struggle more and should be supported more.”

Alexander Brogan added: “As a resident on Angelica Way, I wholeheartedly believe this application should be rejected. The last thing I want is to be exposed to toxic fumes from the monstrosity of a car-port!

“Notwithstanding the fact it painfully ugly, it will be loud, is a danger to wildlife and will attract troublesome youths to the area.”

British Land, one of the stakeholders in the Whiteley Co-ownership, has been contacted for comment, but is yet to respond.

A decision on the application is due to be made by Winchester City Council planners by August 29, although due to the number of objections, it is likely to be voted on by a planning committee of councillors at a later date.