TWO puppies have been stolen from a family in Hampshire.

The two female Labrador puppies were taken from Home Farm on Wrexham Road, Overton, on July 11 at around 1.30pm.

Both of the pups are microchipped and were taken from a private garden while the dogs were in their puppy playpen.

The family were home at the time the nine-week-old dogs were stolen.

Owner of the pups Alison Everett said: "They had just had their dinner and were in their puppy pen in the garden.

"One of our older dogs was out there and we had gone in for lunch.

"You don't think of them being stolen so we went up the fields to look for them.

"They are only nine-weeks-old so they couldn't have gone far.

"The dog warden was fabulous and was out looking for them.

"We shared it on Facebook and people have been fantastic in sharing it.

"I'm so upset. The grandchildren are devastated. The six-year-old has made her own posters and put them up around school.

"You can't explain to a five and six-year-old that they have been stolen.

"It doesn't matter how long you have had [the puppies], you worry about their condition of health."

The family are offering a £1,000 reward to their return.