A DECISION to ban doormats from council-owned flats in Southampton is set to be reviewed.

City bosses said they could take a more flexible approach for the use of doormats by Southampton residents who live in council-owned blocks.

The news comes as earlier this year Southampton City Council (SCC) decided to ban doormats from its blocks as council officers considered the ‘welcome rugs’ may get in the way of the emergency services – especially firefighters – and could cause injury to both them and evacuating locals if tripped over.

At the time, the authority also said to be concerned that doormats could be a fire hazard, depending on the material they are made from.

As reported, residents who would not comply with the policy would face a £25 fine.

But at the full council meeting held last week, city bosses said the zero-tolerance approach that the authority adopted is currently being reviewed and once the review is completed the city council will look at moving into a “more flexible managed approach”.

This could see doormats being allowed outside blocks owned by the council. But details of the new policy are yet to be revealed.

At the full council meeting, Southampton resident Vicky-Lee Egerton, asked the authority to reconsider its decision. She said: “As long as I can remember doormats have been part of everyday life. I manage to pay tax on time, I manage to vote in elections, but the council seems to think I can’t manage a doormat. ”

Ms Egerton’s request was also backed by Councillor Dan Fitzhenry, leader of the Conservative group at SCC. He moved a motion asking the Labour-led council to move to a managed policy, which would see the authority talk to residents, consider the block they live in and come up with a solution. Cllr Satvir Kaur, cabinet member for homes and culture, said: “I will look to introduce a managed approach but that has to be after the review is completed and that will be in the coming weeks.”