IT that time of the week when we take anther glimpse back through time with the aid of photographers' pictures.

Back in July 1989 celebrities came to Hampshire for host of different reasons.

Anita Dobson paid a visit to Cannon Cinema in Ocean Village to declare it officially open. The five-screen picture house was the largest on the South coast at the time.

Footballer Chris Nicholl opened the Valley Park Fete, Chandlers Ford, and Jeffrey Archer opened a new book store.

While everything in these pictures happened locally, this is what was being reported nationally:

July 2

An IRA bomb killed a British soldier in Hanover, West Germany. The device, which exploded under Lance Cpl Stephen Smith's Mercedes car, also injured his wife and four young children.

July 11

Britain's dock workers went on strike in protest against the scraping of the Dock Labour Scheme. The scheme was introduced post-Second World War and provided security to a workforce which had previously only been able the obtain casual labour.

July 25

The Princess of Wales opened the landmark Aids Centre in London. The day care centre provided support for those who had AIDS.