THE Crown Inn on West Street has been situated in the heart of Fareham town centre since the 1800s, bringing a touch of history to the area.

Formerly just one of a few small breweries in the area, it was called The Crown Brewery in the 1840s and was renamed The Crown Inn in the 1900s, carrying on into local resident’s lives to this day and age.

Kim Deans is the 28-year-old shift manager and travels to the pub each day from her Gosport home.

She has worked at the pub for just over a year and a half, alongside her colleagues who, according to Kim, are all really close as a team.

Kim said: “We run food nights, including steak night on Tuesday, curry night on Thursday, chicken club on Thursday and Sunday brunch.

“We get regulars in but what is also really nice about the pub is that we get to meet new people who come in too, so we bring in a mix of people, and we are starting to look around so that we can start to run some events.”

The Crown Inn provide food and a selection of drinks for pubgoers, with occasional ‘manager specials’ dishes.

Sport plays an important role at the pub, as people attending the pub can set up their own football or six-a-side teams to come together for a tournament called ‘Kick for Click’, which raises money for children with cancer.

The staff are proud supporters of the local community and of those in need.

Kim said: “We offer free meals for one man who lives in a residential home, who comes in for breakfast, and we do bottle top collections which are given to elderly residents.

“We also do a barbecue and host bake sales during football tournaments.”

The cosy-feel pub is decorated with flower baskets and historic image displays, while holding a 3.5-star rating on review website TripAdvisor.

Its popularity is clear to see with locals and visitors filling the tables, including in their outside front garden.


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