A “BRAZEN” man burgled a Southampton home while the owners were asleep.

Jason Williams, 38, sneaked into the property in Freemantle while the homeowners were upstairs in bed.

He stole cash and valuables, including a mobile phone and a digital camera.

Williams was found guilty of one count of burglary following a trial at Southampton Crown Court.

Yesterday, Williams was jailed for three years and six months.

Jury members previously heard how the burglary took place at a property in Millbrook Road East on September 4 last year.

Williams, of no fixed address, climbed into the property on through a ground floor window.

Whilst inside, he stole a mobile phone and cash from a handbag before heading to the dining room area where he stole a digital camera.

He denied burglary, but was found guilty by a jury.

PC Charlie Buckingham, from the Western Op Hawk team, said: “This was a brazen invasion of a house, which understandably left the occupants feeling anxious in their own home when they awoke the next morning to find they had been burgled.

“Williams’ DNA was recovered from the scene, which proved crucial to identifying him as a suspect. He was arrested by officers at a later date in a car park in Southampton.

“We would encourage anyone affected by burglary to report this to us, so we can continue to target and bring to justice those who commit this type of offence.”