A HUGE heap of rubbish has been dumped by fly-tippers in a residential area of Southampton.

The mound of garden waste, building materials and a broken fridge lies blocking a public footpath just off Springford Road in Coxford.

According to a local resident, the pile appeared on Thursday morning and at the time of writing is still there.

Daily Echo:

The resident who wished to remain unnamed said:

"I am more than angry, this has happened about five times in our area in the last year.

"If I catch them I will block them in and call the police.

"Why should they get away with dumping rubbish when others have to pay for it to be disposed of.

"I want the council to prosecute fly-tippers to prevent further incidents.

A council spokesperson said:

To fly-tip, any item is not only illegal but also a very antisocial act. It is a great shame that a small number of individuals are willing to undertake this action rather than dispose of unwanted items properly at the household waste and recycling centre in Millbrook or to use the council’s bulky item collection service."

Daily Echo:

The spokesperson added:

"Unfortunately certain areas in the city are hotspots for the illegal dumping of rubbish. We do all we can to monitor these areas and to clean up, as soon as we are made of aware of a problem. Residents can report fly-tipping on the council’s website."

Last year a boat was dumped in the same area after being abandoned by fly-tippers.

The rigid inflatable was taken to a residents-only car park and left in one of the parking bays.

Daily Echo:

The council urge anyone who has any knowledge of the recent incident to email parksandstreetcleansing.services@southampton.gov.uk