WITH the New Forest Show taking place next week, the Daily Echo takes a look back at the event 30 years ago.

Visitors to the show ground on July 25, 1989, were treated to glorious sunshine as temperatures hit the 30C mark.

An attempt at a British record sent daring Mike Smith, of Christchurch, up a pole in search of a new record.

Mr Smith aimed to climb a 75ft tree trunk in less than a minute.

On display was the Jaguar V12 rocket car built by Bill Carter, of Southampton, which was capable of travelling up to 150mph.

The stunning creation was road legal, and Mr Carter would even use it for his daily commute to the Ordnance Survey where he worked.

The show was heaped with praise when international riding stars Liz and Marie Edgar told the Echo it was one of the best.

The famous mother and daughter duo knew they would have to be on top form to pick up a trophy.

“This is one of the best and nicest shows and standards are always very high. But we always enjoy ourselves,” said Liz.