IT was time for Ninth Itchen Sea Scouts to look their best - the Lieutenant Commander didn't like sloppiness.

The group lined up at the boathouse as Crosshouse Hard, Southampton on July 4, 1979, as part of the annual check by the Royal Navy.

Recognition by the Navy was and is considered an honour for Sea Scouts.

Happily Lieutenant Commander Philip Cressey gave them a pass, but he also issued a warning: "I am not satisfied with the standard of progress in proficiency badges."

He added that should there not be an improvement, then the group could fail the next year. This would come as a shock to the group who had recognition since 1960.

He explained the importance of being one of the select 100: "Any group with recognition can apply to a Royal Navy fund if they want to buy such equipment as lifejackets and oars. If a group fails, then they miss out."