THE Eel House Restoration Fund in Alresford now has some £17,000 in its account, but the New Alresford Town Trust wants to raise another £3,000.

It is seeking donations to help towards more repairs.

In June 2017 county council footpath officer had written a report setting out the problems of culverts

nearest the footpath and the county agreed to pay for the work needed on the path.

Cain Bio-Engineering were the chosen supplier and they carried out a survey costing £2,460 of which Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust had granted £1,500. The trust applied for a permit from Environment Agency at a cost of £501, and the agency has since requested an ecological survey particular in regard to white claw crayfish.

The trust has agreed a contract with Cain-Bio Engineering and an ecological survey with Herpetologic, an Alresford firm. The cost of both these will be in the order of £20,000.

Recent donations totalling £5,525 have been received: Old Alresford Parish Council £650; New Alresford Town Council £2,000; local residents (with gift aid) £2,875. The local residents include Lord Wakeham, John and Claire Arney, Robert Lloyd George, Lisa Griffiths (sponsored run) and Karl Borges.

The town trust believes it is essential to carry out these repairs as soon as Environment Agency has issued a Permit, so there is an urgent need to raise these additional finances.

It is asking for donations (however small) to be sent to NATT – c/o Old Fire Station, 54 Broad Street, Alresford, SO24 9AN, or contact Pam Stevens (01962 734861).

The trust signed a 99-year lease on a peppercorn rent to take over the Eel House in 2007. Since the collapse of the structure in 2006, the trust has raised over £56,000.

The Eel House is unique, the only such building in Hampshire, with only one other in the UK. This year it had had 795 visitors in the four open days making the total number of visitors since opening of 8,948.