A SOUTHAMPTON man is to walk 3,000km on the other side of the world to raise money for a sight charity.

Mike Larcombe, who was born and grew up in Hedge End, has taken on the challenge of walking the length of New Zealand to raise money for the Gift of Sight and Nystagmus Network charities.

The 33-year-old, who now lives in Brisbane, Australia, suffers Nystagmus - an eye condition in which the eyes make repetitive, uncontrolled movements.

These movements often result in reduced vision and depth perception issues, and can affect balance and coordination.

As well as raising money for charity, the former Wildern School pupil is dedicating his long trek to his two-year-old nephew Archie in Southampton, who was also diagnosed with Nystagmus.

The former Southampton man has called his challenge the Walk for Wiggly Eyes and has set up a website for information, updates and donations.

Mike said: “I want to prove to my nephew that he can still do things.

“It might be a bit harder or take more time but he can still do it.

“I guess you could say Archie was my push over the edge to do this.

“For a little while now I’ve been thinking about it and figured this would be a great way to raise the awareness.

“For the last couple weeks it’s been all go, I’ve started a little bit of training by taking longer hikes.”

Mike plans to start his walk in December and said that it is estimated the walk will take five months.

He said he expects to be walking 18 miles a day and has planned his route to start at the most southern point of the island.

Mike used to deliver the Daily Echo in Hedge End when he was 15-years-old and studied an apprenticeship in Millbrook, before going on to Solent University.

Mike lived in Southampton until he was 24-years-old when he moved to America.

He returned to the city for a couple of years but in 2014 he left for Australia.