A ‘DEVOTED family man’ and nightclub owner took his own life over financial fears and the risk of losing his home, an inquest heard.

Steven McKinlay was found hanged at the family home in Mayfair Gardens, Southampton, on February 15 after selling the nightclub Junk.

Winchester Coroner’s Court heard in a statement from Mr McKinlay’s wife, Annaleigh, that he sold the club at a loss, and a loan had been secured against the family home.

In the statement to police read out to the inquest by acting area coroner Samantha Marsh, she said she had been trying to contact the organisation that was “going to take our home”, before taking the dog out for a walk.

When she returned that afternoon she found notes written by Mr McKinlay, before getting help from a neighbour who found Mr McKinlay’s body.

Ms Marsh summarised the notes during the inquest, saying they showed “some planning and premeditation”.

Ms Marsh added: “He was clearly saying his final goodbyes to the people he loved.

“He said that he had an amazing family. He did appear to be a deeply devoted family man.”

Pathologist Dr Eleanor Jaynes gave a cause of death of hanging.

Recording a conclusion of suicide, Ms Marsh said: “It does appear Steven was under some significant financial pressures from the club. It was sold at a loss.

“The loan was secured on the family home. I think Steven felt the weight of that.

“The risk of losing that home... I think ultimately was too much for Steven to bear.”

Mr McKinlay’s wife did not attend the inquest, but a friend sitting in the public gallery told Ms Marsh during the inquest he “was really generous” and had a “really tight family unit, family was everything to them”.