A WARNING has been issued after a Hampshire river was found to be contaminated.

Residents are being warned to keep dogs away from Monks Brook, which passes through Fleming Park in Eastleigh, after fuel oil was found in the water.

In a post on Facebook, Pavilion on the Park, which is based at Fleming Park, said: "Warning: We have been alerted that there is environmental contamination in the river running past and through Pavilion on the Park, and Fleming Park.

"We have been informed that the Environment Agency and Southern Water are dealing with the situation.

"Please be cautious and don't let your dogs drink from or swim in the river unless you are sure it is safe for them to do so.

"Thank you."

Southern Water told the Daily Echo that they were called regarding the contamination, but are not involved in the situation.

An Environment Agency spokesperson said: “Fuel oil has leaked into Monks Brook. We are using containment booms and oil absorbent pads to prevent further contamination.

"We are also monitoring the situation and investigating the source of the pollution.”

A spokesperson from Eastleigh Borough Council said: "We’ve spoken to the EA and they’re responding separately with answers to your other points:

“We were made aware by nearby residents of an apparent pollution incident in Monk’s Brook and immediately referred it to the Environment Agency, as the responsible authority, who asked us to erect signs advising people not to let their dogs into the water as a precaution.

"We understand that the Environment Agency are investigating and we’ll continue to liaise with them on their investigation.”

The warning comes only a year after the same river was suspected to be contaminated by oil.

Last August, Jane Marucci, 43, from Eastleigh, said she was walking her dog when she noticed an oily substance in the stretch of river.

Jane said: “There was a strong smell like paint and we thought it was a bit unusual around that area.

"“Normally you see a little bit of oil in the water as it comes off the road but never a lot.

"This time it was like someone had poured out oil in there.”

Jane told the Echo that she called the Environment Agency who investigated the claim.

But the organisation claimed they "found no oil on the Monks Brook" after it was investigated by officers.