Were you a member of staff at one of the colleges in East Park Terrace in the 1970s or 1980s?

If so, you may remember the weekly staff newsletter that was circulated each week in term time.

Over the seventeen years of its publication, it changed its title to reflect the changing name of the college.

In the first few years it was named NEWSCOT when it was published in Southampton College of Technology – the name of the college at the time.

A few years later, and with the amalgamation of the College of Art which shared the same site, it gained the appellation NEWSCHEET to tie in with the new title Southampton College of Higher Education.

Finally, when Southampton Institute came into being, the title of the publication was changed to SINEWS.

Now the history of all those years from the staff publication can be viewed online. An ex-staff member, Jim Rumsey, has spent time highlighting issues that concerned the staff over those years.

Further, with the help of his son Jonathan, they have now committed the full record of each of the newsletters in their entirety to a blog.

Some issues are concerned with the educational topics of the period, while mixed among those are several everyday comments on matters of the time.

Comments are made, and then challenged, giving an overview of the state of affairs of the college’s staff during that period of growth.

The blog also gives information about later events at the college, which went on to become Solent University.

View the blog at newscheet.blogspot.com.