CIVIC environment chiefs have promised to monitor wildlife after cygnet dies following the contamination of a Southampton lake.

Southampton City Council have confirmed that the boat lake in Southampton Common has been closed after the development of blue-green algae in the water.

One of the two cygnets who lived on the lake has died and the other has been rescued by the RSPCA.

A spokesperson from Southampton City Council said: "Southampton City Council are aware of a development of blue-green algae on the boating lake at Southampton Common.

"The warm weather over the past few weeks creates an environment for any shallow pond with high nutrient levels to be at risk of developing an algal bloom.

"We are in talks with the Environment Agency and our ecology team to look at a safe way of dealing with the bloom.

"We will continue to monitor all birds and fish on the site while the issue is being resolved."

It comes after Southampton City Council, the Environment Agency and the RSPCA were called after concerns were raised over the state of the water.

Pictures show light blue-green scum settling on the surface, while in others a green bubbling substance is visible.

There were suggestions that there was paint in the lake but an Environment Agency spokesman told the Daily Echo that the problem was algae.

The spokesman said: “Southampton City Council made us aware of a possible blue-green algal bloom at the Boating Lake on Southampton Common on Friday, August 2.

"Our Environment Officers attended the site and took water samples.

"These have been sent to a laboratory for analysis to confirm the type of algae.

"The council have put up signs warning and informing the public of the situation, and are using specialist equipment to aerate and improve the water quality in the lake."

Two cygnets were rescued after one was seen looking unwell, and an RSPCA spokeswoman confirmed to the Daily Echo that one has now died.

The spokeswoman said: "We were called about this yesterday and assisted the common keepers in catching the two cygnets as one was looking very unwell, and we transported them both to one of our centres straight away but sadly one cygnet died.

"We can't be sure what caused the death of this cygnet as the other - who is now being cared for by a specialist - and the parent birds, seem in good health at the moment, but I believe there are plans to relocate the two adults to another area of water in the park tomorrow.

"I understand the park keepers are continuing to monitor all the birds and fish on the site and will call us for assistance if needed at any time."