I SEE by your headlines that the city is hoping for millions of pounds for road improvement.

It doesn’t engender confidence when I have read in your column of a reader quoting a dangerous situation on Lordswood Road just down the hill pass the Woodman site.

It’s easy to find when the wheel in your car wants to jump,out of your hands.

It’s like riding on a ploughed field – so why the delay in repairing it?

Is it because it’s in the middle of the road, so cyclists would not use it? (they use the pavement anyway)

That brings to mind that millions has already been spent on green lanes and safety posts.

I would like to say that I thought the road tax was paid by the long suffering motorist, so please use some of it to fill in the holes.

Upper Coxford Road received a little attention, but twenty feet further on was ignored by the filling crew.

Too much thought has been given to the cyclist, but the car is still going to be used in great numbers for a long time to come.

Many of us pensioners won’t consider taking up cycling.

Alan Blandford