AN ALERT has been issued after high strength MDMA has been identified at Boomtown.

The Loop, a drugs charity working in partnership with Boomtown, had identified an MDMA pill called Pink and Purple Skype.

The ecstasy pill has been branded as three times the common adult dose and has also been associated with multiple hospitalisations this festival season.



The drug was identified by TICTAC Communications, the festivals back of house drug testing service provider, who identify harmful substances circulating at the festival and keep those in attendance informed.

It comes after festival organisers announced that the front of house drugs safety service, where festival-goers could have their drugs tested, is to be pulled due to "ongoing legal complexities".

For the past two years, Boomtown have provided a testing tent run by The Loop, an organisation which usually conducts forensic testing of drugs seized by police.

The scheme came into place after a spate of drug-related deaths at festivals in recent years, including Olivia Christopher, 18, who died at the Winchester festival in 2016.

She is the fourth person to have died during the nine-year history of Boomtown.