A SMALL dog has suffered life-threatening injuries after she was attacked by Staffordshire bull terrier.

Lady, a five-year-old miniature dachshund, was attacked by a dog on July 30 leaving her with serious injuries.

Lady’s owner, Rachael Bramham, was just finishing work at her tattoo studio when she walked Lady to her car on Oakbank Road, Southampton.

A dog, described as a Staffordshire bull terrier, suddenly set upon them and attacked Lady, who was on her lead at the time.

Racheal also suffered injuries during the attack as she was bitten several times tying to separate the dogs.

Daily Echo:

Rachael said: “The dog just came hurtling out of the flats and attacked her.

“I was on my knees trying to separate them and that’s when I got bitten.

“I ended up flat on my back as it attacked me.

“A few other people tried to help by throwing drinks on the dog and even punched it.

“I was told the dog only let go of her after it was punched three times.”

Lady was quickly rushed to the vets and had to undergo emergency surgery.

The little dog suffered 20 puncture wounds and has two gaping holes in her side.

Lady spent two nights at the vets after her emergency surgery but will need a further operation as she has developed necrosis around the wounds.

Now, Racheal is appealing for witnesses to help her find the owner of the dog that attacked her pet.

Daily Echo:

She added: “When I took her into the vets, they were all so surprised that she had survived and said that many don’t make it.

“I want to press charges and ger justice for Lady.

“She is like my child, she is my absolute heart and soul.

“I don’t care about the money side of things, I just want justice.

“It’s heartbreaking but as long as she is okay, I am okay.”

Daily Echo:

A spokesperson from Hampshire Police said: "We were called at 9.16pm regarding a report of a dog attacking a another dog on July 30. The incident occurred at 6.30pm.

"A woman in her 30s walking her Dachshund reported another dog ran out from an address and attacked her and her dog.

"The Dachshund suffered serious injuries and the woman also suffered injuries

"The dog that attacked them has been described as a Staffordshire bull terrier.

"The investigation is ongoing."