A HAMPSHIRE theme park has shut several of its rides due to high winds.

Paultons Park has temporarily suspended 14 of its rides, including its Sky Swinger, Temple Heights and Peppa Pig Balloon ride.

It comes as weather experts forecast winds of up to 40mph in Hampshire today.

In a statement on Twitter, Paultons Park, which is based near Romsey, said: "We are currently forecast to have high winds today, gusting up to 40mph.

"If we do experience high winds we will have to temporarily suspend any rides at height.

"Should they pass we will endeavour to reopen the rides suspended when it is safe to do so."

"Any rides which are ground based/low to the ground would remain running throughout the high winds.

"We apologise for any inconvenience, however safety is always our number one priority."

The following rides will not open at 10am due to the high winds:

- Cobra

- Flight of the Pterosaur

- Velociraptor

- Windy Castle

- The Queen's Flying Coach Ride

- Magma

- Temple Heights

- Edge

- Wave Runner

- River Ride

- Sky Swinger

- Peppa's Balloon Ride

- Miss Rabbit's Helicopters