FIREFIGHTERS rushed to a blaze at a city centre building today.

Eight crews were called to Telephone House on the High Street at 3.24pm.

Insulation material near the entrance of the building had caught ablaze setting off alarms.

The fire spewed smoke into a nearby cafe within the building.

The cause of the fire which was put out at 4.20pm is at this point unknown.

No one was reported injured and no flats were damaged.

Syed Rahman, 43, who was working in Café Fumée at the time said: "A customer jumped up and said there was smoke coming into the cafe. It smelt really bad. We had to evacuate the building."

Resident, Neyha Verma said: "I heard the alarm go off and decided to go outside. I could see smoke coming out of the building."

According to the owner of Café Fumée, the business will remain closed for the next few days.