HAMPSHIRE police are hunting thieves after a series of burglaries across the New Forest.

A property on Fullerton Road in Pennington was targeted whilst the occupants were away on holiday and a quantity of jewellery was stolen.

The house was broken into at around 12.45pm on Monday, August 5 and then again  on Saturday, August 10.

In Everton, two sheds were targeted at a property on Milford Road and a number of power and hand tools were stolen.

The offenders then attempted to gain access to an annexe but were disturbed during the incident which took place between 2.15am and 2.45am on Saturday. August 10.

A police spokesperson said: "It isn't uncommon for burglars to target properties whilst the occupants are away.

"With that in mind if you are due to go on holiday in the near future ask a trusted friend or relative to house-sit while you're away.

"At least that way, your property isn't unattended for a long period and the regular coming and going from the address is likely to put a prospective burglar off.

"Residents can buy CCTV systems that link into your smartphone and can be monitored remotely. On some systems, you can even give an audible warning to unwanted visitors

"Lastly, If you own a motor home which normally lives on your driveway, consider storing it away from the address as a potential burglar will be the first to notice when it goes missing for a few days."

Anyone who saw anything suspicious is urged to call 101 quoting reference number 44190282529 (Fullerton Road) or 44190284131 for the Milford Road break-in.