WINCHESTER’S first official sustainable fashion clothes swap took place at the Open House Deli on Middle Brook Street.

The event was organised by three local sustainability advocates, Paul Coverdale of Winchester Sustainable Business, Constance Eyre, creator of Saving Threads and Gina Henderson of Worn & Raised.

The three met during Winchester Fashion Week back in May at a sustainable fashion talk hosted by Paul Coverdale at the Open House Deli.

The even inspired them to organise this event which would encourage people to swap unwanted clothing rather than throwing them away or buying new.

Organisers sat that in the UK more clothes are bought per person than any other country in Europe. As a result we get rid of over a million tonnes of clothes, with £140 million going into landfill, ever year. Increasing a garment’s lifetime is one of the most effective ways of reducing their environmental footprint and clothes swaps are a brilliant way of doing just this.

The swap was a huge success and by the time the doors had officially opened at 11am a queue had formed across the café and out of the door. “It was incredible to see how many people embraced the idea and went away with a bag full of good quality pre-loved clothes, for free,” said Ms Eyre.

The event was such a success that another is already being organised in September.