DOZENS of coffee lovers flocked to a shop's reopening in Romsey.

Costa Coffee, Market Place, opened its doors to customers once again after being shut for a refurbishment costing over £100,000.

Coffee enthusiasts were welcomed by a staff member in a coffee cup costume and balloons lined the entrance of the shop after it closed on August 4.

The coffee chain also held a VIP event at the weekend for friends and family before the store was officially opened with a ribbon cutting.

Antony Tagliamonti, franchise owner, said: "I am very pleased with it from what it was before until now. The refurbishment has cost £120,000 and we have got a new customer journey so it is easier for people to pick the products they want.

"Every store in the country will have this design as well."

Paul Willis, store manager, said: "We have probably served around 300 people so far today (August 12) since we opened at 6.30am. Our regulars were out at the front door and they missed us.

"It was a long time coming and the refurbishment was a bit overdue, as we wanted to get the best design."

He added: "It is called the store of the future. The food is the same, but it is more high profile now and it is easier to see what we have got.

"The staff love it so far and as they are all established it is easier to get things going."

Ursula Williams, a 71-year-old North Baddesley resident, said: "It is very nice, lovely and modern. It like the colour coordination and it just works.

"When I came in I was expecting to like it and we came here to support the store."

Karen Dunleavey, who represents Cupernham on the borough council, said: "It is very exciting and great for the town. It is a great facility and it looks very clean as well."

Jeoff Richardson, a 68-year-old retired driving instructor, said: "It was quite dark in the past and a bit dingy when we came six months ago. It is more welcoming now and it is a great improvement."