A SECOND swan has died as a result of contamination in a Southampton lake.

The swan, named locally as Missy, was found “extremely unwell” on Monday on Southampton Common boating lake.

The swan was put to sleep by the RSPCA.

The British Veterinary Association have revealed that there has been an increase in reports of toxic blue green algae in several locations across the UK this summer.

The organisation is urging pet owners to take extra precautions while walking their dogs in the vicinity of affected water bodies.

A spokesperson from the RSPCA said: “Sadly, an inspector collected an adult bird, which he said he was told was mum to cygnets.

“She appeared extremely unwell and had leeches feeding off both her eyes and an independent vet made an instant decision to put her to sleep.”

The bird’s death comes just weeks after the death of a cygnet due to the water conditions.

The two cygnets were rescued by the RSPCA at the start of the month, but one of the birds did not make it.

The boating lake has been closed off by Southampton City Council after the development of blue-green algae in the water.

It comes after Southampton City Council, the Environment Agency and the RSPCA were called after concerns were raised over the state of the water.

The council have now installed temporary fencing around the lake to prevent animals or people getting near the water.

A spokes person said “We are continuing to monitor the boating lake on Southampton Common.

“[The fence] will remain in place until we are confident the issue has been fully resolved.”

Blue green algae blooms can contain toxins that can be harmful for animals if ingested.

Dogs can swallow this algae by drinking water from an affected lake, river or pond or while licking their fur after going for a swim.

Symptoms of exposure can appear within a few minutes or hours, depending on the toxin ingested, and include: vomiting, diarrhoea, drooling, disorientation, trouble breathing, seizures and blood in faeces.

If left untreated, it can ultimately be fatal.