GREEN campaigners are calling for people to object to a £100 million road scheme proposed for Junction 9 of the M3.

Extinction Rebellion Winchester alleges Highways England is not being fully open about its proposals which are open for public consultation until the end of the month.

The agency wants to revamp the interchange of the M3, A34 and A272 at Winnall.

The Winchester groups says that, despite claims that the changes will have long-term benefits, little research has been done on the impact of the proposals.

A spokesperson for the group said: "It is shocking that there is no air quality monitoring along the M3. A wealth of previous research shows that creating new roads actually leads to an increase in traffic as drivers fill up the space created. That’s more vehicles, more life-threatening air pollution for Winchester and more carbon emissions.

"Government and councils have declared a Climate Emergency. We have to stop making the world hotter, not carry on with business as usual. The Twyford Down road expansion was supposed to solve local congestion problems yet here we are again.

"It’s also a scandal that there has been no study on the impact of the proposals on local wildlife. We urge people to object before the deadline on August 27.’

Extinction Rebellion Winchester will be staging a protest in Winchester city centre on Saturday 17th August demanding a U turn and a halt to the junction changes.