The very first 'green' gym is coming to Romsey.

SO51 Fitness, based in Abbey Park, Romsey is getting a refurbishment and becoming a eco-friendly gym.

The gym will now use eco-power where any energy that is made with cardio machines is recycled into the gym for electricity.

The gym is already 'plastic free' and tries to enforce 'punishments' for bringing single-use plastic bottles, such as 50 burpees.

SO51 Fitness owner, Amy Dutfield, grew up in Shoreham-By-Sea and was surrounded by her family who always pushed for recycling and making a difference.

The 37-year-old said: "Since the arrival of my lovely neighbours, Lemon & Jinja, who remind me of my hometown and upbringing, it instantly reignited my passion to do something positive.

"I went to visit Eco Gym UK and I absolutely loved the equipment."

They will be purchasing SportsArt's Eco Power Line equipment, and 74% of the customer's energy is converted into electricity.

Amy added: "It's brilliant - it should knock our overheads by quite a bit."

As part of the refurbishment, Amy has installed equipment to track how much energy you will use.

You will scan a QR code from your phone, and on a large board it will display how much power you are generating in real terms.

She said: "Imagine how motivational will it be for training.

"You could see that you have made enough energy to power a house for example."

Amy hopes to be 'one step closer' by Christmas and aims to change membership prices depending on how much output you create.

She said the more power you make, the less your membership will be per month.

Everything is going green in SO51, the logo, the uniform and the room.

Amy added: "We hope to make a green wall too soon - I am just finalising details.

"The wall will have plants and leaves on it - plants are under used in gyms, if you get the right ones, they oxidise the air and keep it clean."

In the future they plan to make equipment eco-friendly, such as yoga mats that are used out of recyclable material.

Amy and her husband, Louis are both living in Romsey with their two children. Amy is a fully qualified fitness instructor, whilst Louis supports the company behind the scenes.

The launch event will be on Friday, September 13 from 4pm and the gym will be closed on Thursday, September 12 to aid the refurbishment.

From Saturday, September 14 the green gym will be open as usual.

On the night of the launch event, there will be a special membership offer for people who sign up on opening day.

Readers have been offered a booking-only free one day trial at SO51 Fitness - if you are interested, email to book one in:

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