POLICE are yet to make any arrests in relation to the Southampton 'riot' that broke out on Thursday (August 15).

Officers were called to the incident in Spalding Road, Thornhill, where scores of teenagers reportedly threw a rock through a house window and threatened a man with a BB gun.

A spokesperson has confirmed that no arrests have been made and that "enquiries are still ongoing to establish the circumstances".

One resident told the Daily Echo that youngsters hurled a rock through a woman’s window, then hit her over the head with a stone.

After her husband approached the group, a witness said five teenagers threatened him with a BB gun.

According to residents of nearby Farringford Road, a house party got “out of hand” with attendees spilling into the street, where they started fighting.

Pensioner David Elliott had his front garden destroyed when the teenagers ripped down his fence to use the panels to beat each other with.

Mr Elliott, 69, said: “It was frightening. About 30 kids of around 15 years old were fighting outside.

“They took stones from my garden and pulled down my fence.

“They hit my neighbour with a hammer and aimed a BB gun at him.”

Another resident said: “The party got out of hand and youngsters were fighting in the street.

“It was a full-on riot. They were throwing rocks and bottles. Some neighbours went outside concerned about their cars. I saw a group of around five youngsters with weapons attacking my neighbour because his wife tried to stop it. One of them was armed with a screwdriver.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101, quoting 44190290052.