I see another from a Lindsi Bluemel, and I wonder if she is associated with Bluemel Brothers of Wollertan, who have made cycles and accessories for many years.

Probably a a coincidence.

I would like to point out that all though there have been many changes to how the motorist has been inconvenienced, the Road Traffic Act 1931 has not been repealed.

Don't make a mistake in thinking there is agro between car and cycle owners, there isn't.

Only a wonder by car owners as to why only they obey the law.

It is annoying, but I challenge anyone who drives around this city to observe the number of offences caused by cyclists of all ages.

It's unbelievable.

The red traffic light is only a minor interference.

The law forces take absolutely no notice, unless of course they are on the pavement, but when do you see a policeman on the pavement.

Ms Bluemel may spring to their defence in these columns but it won't make a difference.

They need to be punished or re educated in traffic law.

Alan Blandford