NINE sets of twins at the same Hampshire school have collected their GCSE results today.

The 18 youngsters achieve their successes at Robert May’s School in Odiham, Hampshire are celebrating after gaining around 150 GCSEs between them.

The twins have worked with each other since they all joined the school together in year 7, and said they overcame sibling rivalry to work together.

Rosie Dolan, 16, who achieved a place on a renowned course run by Formula 1 team Williams, said she and sister Helena enjoyed working together, but are now preparing to study at separate colleges.

The 16-year-old, who is interested in engineering, said: “I am really happy, I got everything I needed. We got compared a lot whenever we do something so it will be nice to be more individual and known for yourself – we spend enough time together anyway.”

Helena, who wants to go into medicine, added: “I have done really well, we have done different subjects already so we haven’t always been together.”

Their mother, Marianne, from Hartley Wintney, said: “I am so proud of both of them. They have been so calm through the whole process, they haven’t, as my grandmother would call it, thrown a ‘wibbly wobbly’, they have done the work and deserve the prize.

“They are both so different and done what they want.”

Lyndon Halliday, who was celebrating with his sister, Nya, said: “It went really well. I wasn’t stressed too much but got a bit stressed today before getting the results.”

Nya added: “I am happy, I am really pleased with my English Lit.”

Their mother, Rochelle, said: “They are academically similar, they supported each other more than any rivalry between them, we are very proud of them.”

Cara and Eloise Holmes-Henderson agreed that they were able to support each other during their revision.

Eloise said: “We are quite competitive but it was nice to know someone else was right there and we could talk to each other about it.”

Tom Rhys, head of year, said: “It’s important to remember we have nine twins but 18 individuals who would all have experienced the exam period in different ways, they all worked incredibly hard, and we are proud of every one of them.

“It’s been a real privilege to see them achieve after so much hard work.”

Headteacher Joanna Collyer West said: “We are sad to see the twins go, they have been a tremendous part of a lovely cohort and we wish them all the very best with their futures.”