SOUTHAMPTON residents are “over the moon” after plans for a burger van in a dogging hotspot were scrapped.

Cemetery Road has reportedly been blighted by dogging and drug dealers for years.

According to residents, late-night pleasure-seekers frequently gather at the edge of Southampton Common.

The van would have sold fast-food from a layby at the junction between Winn Road and The Avenue which is just yards away.

An application for a premises licence submitted to the city council meant it would have been able to operate from 11pm to 1am every night of the week.

However, residents rallied together in opposition to the application submitted by Hayri Tut claiming it would be a “magnet” for anti-social behaviour.

Submitting more than 80 letters of objection the application was eventually withdrawn.

Winn Road resident, Cara Sandys said: “Dogging has been a historical problem near the Common. It has been going on for years.

"I was furious at the prospect of the van in the area. It would have attracted anti-social behaviour.

"There are so many reasons why it would have been wrong here. It would create noise and draw people late at night.”

Another Winn Road resident, Monica Parrish, added: “I feel absolutely over the moon the application was withdrawn.

"Nearly 80 people wrote letters objecting to the plans.

"It brought the community together. We got together for a celebratory drink afterwards.”

The Daily Echo attempted to contact Hayri Tut for a comment.