A HAMPSHIRE MAN who had twelve brain tumours and was told he had months to live is nearly cancer free after ditching chemotherapy for cannabis oil.

Miraculously, George Gannon's brain cancer has reduced by 95 per cent in less than a year.

The businessman said his doctor was blown away after comparing two MRI scans of George's head taken months apart.

The images show how the tumours had shrunk over the course of the past eight months leaving him "essentially cancer free".

George, from Basingstoke, made the decision to start taking cannabis oil in December 2018, and ditched chemotherapy in February after it nearly cost him his life.

For three months, George solely took cannabis oil. He underwent an MRI scan which revealed his tumours had suddenly stopped growing.

Daily Echo:

From April 20, George was then able to take a lower dose of chemo though he and his partner Natalie believe the cannabis oil was instrument in reducing his tumours.

And in August George’s latest MRI showed the incredible results. His cancer had almost completely disappeared.

"It was quite surreal, I was shaking like a leaf. It was the best news we could have ever imagined. Back in December I was told I probably wouldn't survive. The doctor literally said it was the best day of his medical career. Now I'm 'essentially' cancer free in less than a year," he said.

George was 29 years old when he was told the terrible news last summer that he had twelve separate tumours on his brain. Living in Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand, at the time with girlfriend Natalie, he had no medical insurance and was struggling to get the care he needed.

As previously reported,  his loved ones started a campaign to fly him back to Britian and within days, hundreds from around the world had raised £25,000 to help.

Daily Echo:

Once back in the country, he was seen by the NHS who prescribed him powerful chemotherapy tablets which immediately saw his health decline.

"The medication I was being subscribed was literally destroying me. I looked like the poster person for cancer, I was so ill. It all got very dark," he said.

But despite his apparent difficulty with the drug, he was not given little in the way of an alternative option.

 "It felt as though the doctors assumed I didn't have long left and just kind of gave up. There were talks of me going into a hospice at one point," George said.

He and his girlfriend began researching other methods of medication and found that cannabis oil had natural properties which could be beneficial.

And the more they read, the more convinced George was that it was worth a shot. "I made the decision to come off the drugs by choice and decided to take a natural path, using real cannabis oil instead."

He began to take the oil, which costs around £1,300 a month, three times a day and within five weeks, he started to see an improvement.

 "I started to feel like a completely new person but I had no idea if I was well or not. I suddenly had more energy and was behaving like normal, I could tell something had shifted but I wasn't sure," George said.

He got an answer he was never expecting however at a consultation following an MRI scan earlier this month.

He said: "The long-awaited MRI results simply blew the doctors minds, not to mention ours. My doctor literally said it was the best day of his medical career.

"In short, I am essentially cancer-free in less than a year and they want to write journals and all sorts."

But George added, he is not quite out of the woods yet. "When you have cancer, you never fully get rid of it. I don't want to hype it up too much but but it's more than obvious cannabis oil works well. I mean, it's cleared 12 tumours in less than a year."

George said he and Natalie are taking it easy for the time being, though they hope to resume their adventures abroad when he gets "tumour free".

Daily Echo:

Posting to Facebook, George wrote: "I'm not cleared just yet. And don't want to hype it up to much (the doc hyped it up for us) but it's more than obvious cannabis oil straight up works, clearing twelve tumours in less than a year."

He added he has been "completely blessed with amazing, loving friends all around the world".

He wrote: "I have an incredible family and my absoloutely incredible girlfriend Natalie was has been by my side and has been the life line I needed to stay on track. She reminded me why I needed to stay on track and I cannot thank all you amazing souls enough for being there!

"Thank you! #****Cancer #WeedWins."